Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Littlest Whovian

We have a little Whovian.
Her name is Abby Rose,
She may be only two years old,
But has great taste in shows!

Yeah, yeah. Now you see how crummily my brain is working lately. And yes, I know full-well that crummily is not a word.

However, it's true that we have a little Whovian around here.

Tom has been really into Dr. Who for the past six months or so, and in recent months has sat down with Abby to watch it.

It may not be a show designed for children, but it has somehow drawn her attention, probably because she knows how much Daddy likes it. The same has held true for Good Eats and Top Gear (two others of Daddy's favorites) but Dr. Who is the one that really holds her heart.

She can visually identify and name at least three of the companions, and will sometimes hum the theme song for you, if you ask her to.  Once, when Tom heard her making an attempt at it, he asked, "Is that the Dr. Who music?"

"Who-sic," she replied, a little too quickly, before sheepishly correcting to "music."

I've also heard her quoting random lines from the show on various occasions. Perhaps the most oft-repeated is "Allons-y!" which, through her fandom, she has learned means, "Let's go!" in French. Though, if you question her, often as not she will mischievously claim that it really means "Let's go... take a nap!"

She's also become enamored with fezes and bowties, thanks to the tastes of the current Doctor. For a long while, she began wearing a red Christmas pail that we had lying around on her head, and calling it a fez. That is, until her daddy accidentally stepped on the thing and crushed it. Luckily, she has not seemed to notice its absence (yet).

To me, it's one of her cutest obsessions yet, though I've found lately that it must be tempered. After all, if I catered to my little darling's whims every time she plaintively requested, "Want to watch Dr. Who," it would be all that we ever did, all day long.


  1. As long as she doesn't as for fish fingers and custard....

    1. Ha ha! Yes! Every time I think of that scene it grosses me out. Heh.