Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raspberry: 33 Weeks

Dearest Raspberry,

I don't know what got into you last night, but you were up to some pretty crazy business as I lay down and attempted to fall asleep.

I grabbed your father's arm from behind me and placed his hand over my side, where he, too, could feel the strange punching that was coming up through my belly at regular intervals. Thankfully, you chose a spot on my tummy that wasn't painful for me, but the sensation was surely odd. Really, every sensation that you cause is odd to me (I can never quite get used to it all), but that oddness passes in to the realm of surreal when your movements push so far out of my stomach as to appear that they might break through in the end.

After a few minutes, you were calm again, and I chuckled at the memory of last week (or was it the week before), when I noted how much less zany your activity had gotten as of late. I guess this was your way of letting me know that you are not so predictable as all that, eh?