Friday, February 8, 2013

Of Nothing, and Everything

My ears are ringing. The silence that has followed the advent of Bedtime is blessed, overwhelming; dizzying, even. Sadly, it will take my ears (and the rest of me) some time to recoup from the soundtrack of my day.

Screaming, crying, wailing, screeching- you name it. From Michael, from Abby, sometimes both at the same time. I don't know how many brain cells I've lost today, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not getting them back.

And I don't know how I'm going to face another day of this teething madness.

At least in Michael's case, I know what to blame all the crankiness on, even if I can't seem to fix it. Abby appeared to just be having a random bad day. Or maybe, between the PB & J sandwich and strawberry banana yogurt she had for lunch, she ended up with too much sugar in her system. When she wasn't tantruming, she was hyper as all get-out.

Perhaps, she's got a little bit of Cabin Fever going on. I didn't take her on a play date this week (shame on me). But between the poor quality of my sleep lately, the extra weight I'm now lugging around my front, and the ranging-from-annoying-to-downright-painful contractions I've got going on at all hours, I just couldn't summon up the energy. I'm also wary of getting in the car to drive myself around nowadays. Not only does being on the road irritate my uterus like almost nothing else, I always worry that I'll have a contraction just bad enough to distract me (or even, God forbid, prevent me) from driving properly.

We may therefore be on a play date hiatus for awhile, so I imagine it would behoove me to come up with novel activities for the Little Miss and me to do together.

Fat chance that will happen, when I can't even put two thoughts together for blog posts lately. We at least have chocolate in the house now, but I got through quite the serving of semi-sweet chocolate morsels before even gathering the strength to open up Blogger Dashboard tonight. While the chocolate infusion brought me a temporary surge of happiness, it sadly brought no inspiration with it.

Thus, my post about nothing. Though, right now, the "nothing" of which I speak feels like everything, and everything feels like a just a little too much.

Cue that special focused breathing I'm supposed to be practicing to ease my anxiety. I guess now would be an appropriate time, eh?


Before I hit publish, I've got to include a couple of positives here, because the day was not totally bereft of them, and because I like to end on an up-note, when I can.

1. Michael is really and truly walking now. He'll generally only go five feet or so at once, and he's only slightly more inclined at this point to walk than to crawl, but he's got the posture, gait and process down.

2. Tom made Chicken Parmesan for the first time tonight, and he nailed it. One of my favorite dishes of all time is Cheesecake Factory's Chicken Romano, and Tom's fare came so incredibly close to tasting the same that I would have been brought to tears, were I not so shell-shocked from the day's events. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I can perhaps find a peaceful, quiet moment to sneak some leftovers and truly cherish the repeat experience.

There. Now I can put a smile on my face while I close my eyes and just breathe.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry. All I can say is it will pass. My youngest just lost his first tooth. Same one that came in first six years ago. (It's like the circle of life, I guess, but with teeth.)