Saturday, February 23, 2013

Double the Birthdays, Double the Fun

Tom and Mei Mei have birthdays one day apart in the month of February, so we decided to celebrate them together this weekend.

We settled on a family late lunch/early dinner at the nearby Gordon Biersch, in an effort to work around the kids' bedtime schedules.

Unfortunately, we couldn't totally avoid naptimes, so Michael missed his second one, but he did quite well despite the omission. Initially, the novelty of the new surroundings was enough to keep my little tough guy pretty content.

Though that scratch on his cheek looks much darker today, it appears to be healing nicely so far.

He's never been one to have a lot of patience for sitting in one place for long, so we had to worker harder towards the end to keep him happy, but the yummy bread and a share of his sister's mac n' cheese went a long way.

I just love that Abby is finally old enough to appreciate the benefits of a pack of crayons and an activity sheet. It makes keeping her occupied so much easier.

And she can now usually be entrusted with a cup and straw provided by the restaurant, though careful monitoring is still required. She has to frequently be reminded that cups do not need to be tipped (and ideally, should not be) when equipped with a straw. I thwarted each attempt that she made to do so until the very end, when the spillage was mostly contained by the convenient plastic top attached to her kiddie cup.

Though she's really getting the hang of coloring, now, she still has a tendency to try to use crayons in ways for which they were not intended, like coloring directly on tabletops.

Thankfully, she waited until the end of the meal to attempt to eat the crayons, which I decided she'd had quite enough time with, thankyouverymuch.

One thing she's definitely got down now, though: unwrapping presents.

Hang on to your giftwrap, folks! Abby's on the job.