Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Shoe Shimmy

Michael wore his new shoes for the very first time on Sunday, when we ventured out of the house together to attend Mass. At first, he would not walk in them. I watched him try to stand initially, and then fall back on his bottom almost immediately, confused by extra weight and layers on his feet. Though I didn't plan to let him run around in the church crying room anyway, since he's still unsteady, I did have a small moment of concern, worrying that perhaps we might have trouble convincing Michael to use the shoes in the way that they were intended.

My fleeting fears were silly, of course. The very next time that Michael wore the shoes (which was the next day, as I've been trying to give him short bursts of time in them to get adjusted to the way that they feel), he was much less bothered by them, and made an effort to walk in them right away.

It's taken a bit of time, but he's doing very well in them now. (And looking so handsome!)

He walks almost as well with them on as with them off.

Though, I have noticed that he tends to spread both his legs and feet wider apart as he walks when the shoes are on. It makes him look like a little cowboy.

In general, he's really having great success with walking in recent days. He now falls much less often, can compensate more readily when approaching uneven surfaces, can change directions in mid-walk, and can easily crouch down to pick up something in his path and continue on afterwards in one fluid motion. In fact, he rather delights in walking around while holding various things in his hands.

It must be quite the novel experience for him. After all, it was not so easy to transport things before, when crawling required the use of both of his hands. Now he's got both hands free to do as he wishes!

I still can't believe my eyes when I look at him lately. He's such a little toddler now.

And finally sporting a sixth tooth! (That lower-right lateral incisor is about 75% exposed, currently.)

Heart Breaker, indeed.