Meet the Kids

Three of the four loves of my life, and the focus of the majority of my posts.

This is Abby.

She was born in November of 2010, four days before her due date.  She's been a tad impatient from day one, but was an incredibly easy baby (as babies go), and is now an incredibly precocious, energetic, and affectionate toddler.  She amazes me in little and big ways every day.

We waited until her birth to bestow a name upon her, though we had Abigail in mind ahead of time (in the end, it was down to Abigail or Sophia).  Once we saw her, we both agreed that she looked like an Abigail.  I've always loved the name for its meaning (Father's joy in Hebrew), and I think it's a perfect fit for her personality, somehow.

Next came Michael.

He was born early as well, in January of 2012, 11 days before his due date.  I had a very fast active labor with him (about two hours), after toughing out a tortuous and highly stressful six-weeks of prodromal labor.  We had a tough time coming up with names for him, and actually named him pretty spontaneously.  As with his sister, we had some names in mind but waited until we saw him to be sure that he "looked the part."  I think it had been ten minutes or more since his birth, and Tom and I were still going back and forth about which name to use.  Finally, I admitted to Tom, "I think he looks like a Mikey."  I never expected Tom to agree, but he did. 

He is the sweetest little guy, and when he laughs and smiles, it melts my heart.

And last, but not least, is baby Amelia (also known as Mia).

Like her brother before her, she kept me in suspense through the last several weeks of my pregnancy. I experienced prodromal labor once more, and so frequently had regular contractions that I was unaware of the imminence of her birth until just 57 minutes before it occurred. As as result, she was born at home, in our bathtub, as we tried to ready ourselves to get to the hospital. Despite her fantastically quick exit, she managed the longest stay in utero, electing to join the world at the end of March 2013, just two days before her due date.

Since we decided not to find out her sex until she was born, it was doubly hard for Tom and me to think of possible names for her during the course of my pregnancy. However, after the death of Tom's great-grandmother, Amelia, in early 2013, we both decided to keep her name in mind should we have a girl. Once our daughter was born, at first glance, we knew that a little Amelia she would be.

Though, at the time of this writing, I've only known my newest love for just a couple of weeks, I can tell you that she's been a blessedly easy baby thus far, and I am thrilled beyond description to have her in my arms, at last. Her siblings are equally in love, and I look forward to watching them grow up together, my three precious babies (just not too fast, please).