Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mobile Moments, 9/22-9/28

It's been another rough week of teething for Mia, which has made all kinds of things tough on both of us. Where she's usually happy and independent, she's now cranky and clingy, and where she usually lets me put her down awake and cheerful for nap and bedtime, I have now been required to pat, backrub, coax, and at minimum sit with her for extended period of times to get her to settle down to sleep. On top of that we've had to torture her three times a day with an oral antibiotic that she hates the taste of due to a suspicious-looking bug bite that appeared on her arm and turned bullseye-looking sometime last week. She's had no concerning symptoms, thankfully, and though I never saw a tick on her, we're going the better-safe-than-sorry route, particularly after the scare we experienced a few years ago when Tom contracted Lyme.

In the midst of all that, I haven't been doing much around here beyond maintaining, and only managed to punch out one of the many ideas I've been juggling in a blog post earlier this week. However, I did manage to host an impromptu playdate and attempt mushroom risotto for the first time (which turned out great) despite it all. Gotta count the wins where I can, I suppose.

I keep wondering, and wondering, and wondering, and wondering... When will this tooth come in?

My pretty princesses.

Perhaps those royal hands are too dainty to punch the numbers on her laptop.

The Shiner, day three.

My favorite kind of selfie.

It seems that bedtime stories make my girls hungry for their fingertips (but the binky suits Michael just fine).

Look out for the tunnel monster...

She's coming to get you!

Overheard this week:


To her father, as he leaned in to give her a hello peck: "No kisses! When your beard touches my cheek, it itches."

To me, as Tom and I were discussing who should shower first before my parents arrived: "Mima and Granda will watch us while you and Daddy get in the shower."

Between Tom and Abby

While playing at teatime
T: "Abby, I think you just spilled tea all over me."
A: " You're gonna need another shower."

Discussing Mima and Granda's impeding visit
T: "Is Granda going to call you A-BEE?"
A:  (giggling) "He always calls me my wrong name!"


"pineapple, footprint, cookbook"
"Follow you"
"Abby take!"


"TAKE" (which she tends to announce loudly as she proceeds to do just that)
"medicine, snuggle, tickle,"
"I stuck"
"Brush her hair"