Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mobile Moments, 9/15-9/21

I've finally enjoyed a somewhat successful week of blogging, but I do find it frustrating to be holding precariously onto fading ideas for future posts while struggling to find time to fit them all in. However, though I haven't gotten to tackling some of the more fun vignettes I'd like to share, at least I finally pushed past the anxiety I've been feeling over all the things I missed by summarizing the highlights with a smattering of some of my favorite pictures taken during the long, quiet period of months past. And though it was one of many things I'd already covered in the aforementioned post, I had such cute pictures to share of it that I revisited Mia's recent near-mastery of the spoon with a post all its own.

As for this post, it will end up being as distracted and last-minute as ever, squeezed as it always is into the late hours of a Sunday night, but since the pictures do most of the talking anyway, I'll go ahead and let them do just that.

Amelia and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad teething day.

Candyland is still great fun while Abby has yet to differentiate between winning and losing so long as she gets to finish (that's me, at the finish in the yellow).

Little girls in a big swing.

This is how Michael does play dates.

My proudest accomplishment of the week.

Still shaking off the post-nap sleepies.

Thoroughly enjoying a superhero sugar cookie (can you tell it was decorated with red frosting?).

The best picture I could get to document our first shiner (earned via a collision with the corner of Abby's dress-up chest).

Overheard this week:


Playing Mommy after hearing me remind her brother for the umpteenth time that we only color on paper, "Michael, everything in this world is not paper."

Between Abby and Me

M: " Abby, I think you should take your dress-up clothes off before you start eating dinner. They are not very washable."
A: "But I don't want to..."
M: "Okay, you can keep it on if you are careful, but I need you to wear a bib over it."
A: "No. No bib!"
M: "Then I guess you want to take the dress off? Those are your two options: take off the dress or wear the bib."
A: "I want to wear the dress but no bib. I made a new option!"


"Me too!"
"Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit"
"Put me down!"
"I love you."


"Dora, boots, banana"