Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mobile Moments, 9/1-9/7

I've let a lot of Mobile Moments go by now; I don't care to know how many. With each one I've passed on, however, I've felt great regret for the missed memories- those little kinds I know will slip from my mind nearly as quickly as they entered. Indeed, I've lost most of them already.

I can hardly imagine ever going back through every word of this blog over again, though perhaps someone else might care to, but it feels good to know that I've stored these thoughts and images somewhere. It's the desire to continue to do so that moves me tonight from my long quiescence. I don't know what this means in terms of my (re)commitment to the blog; I only hope it's the first move in a slow but steady mental return to a place of peace, focus, and appreciation of the good things I still have all around me, all of the time.

Though I wish that in one fell swoop I could do a great big review of all the things that I missed, I have only some of the pictures, nearly none of the recollections, and too little time and energy to tackle such a task. (Plus, I fear it would make for far too long a post to realistically expect anyone to follow). Perhaps someday I can pull together a collection of some of my favorite unused snapshots, but the clever Abby-isms and new Michael/Mia vocabulary collections (and boy are they exceptional) that I failed to record I must necessarily call a loss.

Focusing strictly on the week just behind me seems the most reasonable way to begin again, and though I haven't many pictures to share (I've got to get back in the habit of taking them more often again), perhaps that is best. Small projects are more manageable, and manageable is still the name of the game around here.

Even Big Girls need a nap sometimes (especially after a week away in New Jersey).

Mia uses Uncle Kit's birthday celebration as an opportunity to demonstrate how macaroni and cheese was truly meant to be enjoyed.

Rockin' out. (Indeed, my little phone camera couldn't even handle all of the fun.)

First corn on the cob (followed by another half, and another whole).

In case you wondered where Mia's appreciation for the sweet, yellow veggie comes from. And yes, that is a new haircut for Michael (better pictures to come soon).

Thinking ever of my Chickpea and Jellybean. Perhaps God will provide free heavenly WiFi for me to show them my blog someday. (Kidding, kidding... but wouldn't that be something?)

Overheard this week:

(Introducing her brother to Great-Aunt Mary- And yes, this is from last week, so it's cheating a bit): "This is Michael. We call him Michael for short, and Miguelito for long."

(Most oft-heard words/phrases, new and old)

"Okay" (O-tay)
"Me too" (toooo)
"Bye bye!"
"Hello: (hay-oh)
"Thank you" (tah-oo)
"More ___"
"All done"
"Oh, man!"
"Please" (peeease)
"No, Abby!"

(Most oft-heard words/phrases, new and old)

"Eat" (eat-ah)
"Mama milk" (mama mihk)
"Play" (pay)
"Read this" (read dis)
"Oh, man!"

Between Abby, Michael, Mia, and me
(In the car, a couple of minutes into our 15-minute trip back from a play date)

Me: "No sleeping, Guys! Abby, help me keep Michael awake."
Abby: "Michael, no sleeping!"
Michael: "No!"
Abby: "You mean YES, Michael?"
Michael: "Noooo..."
Abby: "No means YES SLEEPING."
Mia: "Zzzzzz"