Monday, January 21, 2013

Storytime Silliness

One thing that finally appears to be happening for Michael around the one-year mark is the ability to sit still for a bit of story time.

I think this was around the time it happened for Abby, too. However, in her case, she developed a very sudden interest, which we happily fed.

In Michael's case, we've been trying to make more of an effort lately to keep introducing the concept (now that we can actually get somewhere in the attempt), in the hopes that an interest will grow from the repetition of experience.

I think that Michael's problem is that he's much more active than Abby was at his age, and it's very hard for him to sit still while simply looking and listening. He always has to be doing something.

Like messing with his sister, for instance.

Or her feet.

Or Daddy's beard.

They still managed to make it to the end of that book, but the second book that Tom picked up to read was for Abby's eyes alone. Michael was finally set free to take up his usual position, exploring the floor.

It's a start though, right?

Speaking of starts: Michael took independent six steps today (in a row). He didn't make much forward progress in the process, but he set a new record, all the same.