Friday, January 25, 2013


The kids didn't sleep well last night, which meant that Tom didn't sleep well, and me? Well- it wasn't in the cards for me to get a good night's sleep regardless, but the wailing of both of my babies at various times certainly didn't help my stress level, or allow for much chance of quiet restfulness.

The day has been long and trying, the details of which are pretty boring, even if I had any interest in sharing them. Instead, I'm turning to some pictures I've had on hand for the last few days, which I've been saving for just such an occasion of laziness as tonight.

I give you: Jellyface. (Well, more accurately, Jam-face, since I am quite partial to Concord Grape Jam, and it's all I've ever liked to use in my PB &  J, and now Abby's, as well.)

Michael's up to 14 steps today, which he took on his first solo journey across the width of our living room, from sofa to loveseat. I haven't managed to get any good video footage of him in the act, though I hope to soon. Imagine if I'd caught those fourteen steps on tape, though. What an awesome excuse for shirking the responsibility of writing an actual post tonight that would have been...

(Yes, I realize that last sentence was awkward. You see now why it's better that I am relying so heavily on photographs tonight. Thanks, Abby, for your awesome contribution, as always.)