Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cute Abby Moments of the Year

I started off thinking that this would an easy theme to expound upon, because we've only just started the new year, so all I have to do is list all of the ones I can think of, right at this moment. I realized quickly that my logic was flawed, however; precisely because we've just started the year, almost none of the moments I have in mind occurred within it.

However, I need easy right now because I actually did stay up until long past midnight last night this morning, and entertained some lovely friends this evening, so now I'm all tuckered out and short on both ideas and the energy to put them to use. I hope you'll forgive me, then, for cheating a little bit and counting these as the first of 2013. It's either that, or automatically rank them as the best of last year, and maybe they were, but I don't know that I could easily pick favorites even if I wanted to take the time to run through them all.

Anyway, here goes:

During the course of our week in New Jersey, Abby had taken a liking to an adult/baby penguin stuffed animal duo that was on the dresser in the bedroom where we set up her crib. One morning, a few days before we left New Jersey, Abby was awake in the early hours before sunrise.  In the midst of her chatter and singing, Mei Mei, who was rooming with her, heard her remark, "The Michael penguin is crying, and the Daddy penguin is giving him kisses." I wonder whether she could hear Michael fussing in the next room over, and was imagining her daddy comforting him.


A couple of nights ago (during Aunt Irene's Christmas dinner in Long Island, to be exact), I offered Abby some pumpkin bread for dessert. She finished off the first slice quickly, and, wanting to indulge her just a little bit in the spirit of celebration, I offered her more. "Would you like some more pumpkin bread, Abby?" I asked.


"Okay, I'm gonna bring you some more, but just a little piece."



Last night, after Mass, as Tom walked Abby back and forth in front of the Creche display in the church lobby, he began to talk to her about Christmas. He probed, "Abby, what was your favorite thing about Christmas? Seeing family? Eating good food?"


"And who's in your family, Abby?"



Later that night, just before bedtime, Abby wrapped a blanket around herself and exclaimed, "I have fine clothes!"


And lastly, I have one to add that did actually happen this year. This morning, I asked Abby if her new pink rocking elephant had a name. "Africa!" was her immediate response.

I think she's got the naming thing down, now. Maybe I'll seek her opinion when it comes time to decide on a name for little Raspberry.