Saturday, July 14, 2012

Short But Sweet

Well, maybe not so sweet, since I'm forced to type this on the touch-screen of a phone, which may just drive me insane before I can finish.  And bereft of pictures, since my phone is a non-Droid, non-iPhone, outcast that does not have the capability to upload anything to Blogger.  {Insert frustrated sigh here.}

There are, indeed, many things that I do love about my Windows Phone 7 and I'm really not that into Apps, but I do frequently find myself wishing that I "had an App for that."

So, as you've likely guessed, our internet problem was not a quick, over-the-phone fix, and thus, we are still without.  I am determined to check in every day, however, so I am making the ultimate sacrifice of setting aside my extreme impatience and frustration with touch-screen keyboards and autocorrect to hash out a little something tonight.

My fears about Abby having a huge adjustment problem with coming home to just Mommy, Daddy, Michael, and Gracie-the-mean-and-not-so-fun-cat were thankfully, ungrounded.  My hopes of getting Abby to make a transfer over to her toddler bed were, however, dashed.  After two attempts, the first of which ended in wall-kicking and a general refusal to sleep, and the second of which ended with her flat on the floor, in tears, it was back to her crib she went.  But she slept fabulously.  No night waking, and a nice, late, wake-up time.

We had a pretty rough night with Michael, and are still furiously brainstorming what to do about the kids' sleeping situation.  Michael is about to become officially too old to be in a bassinet.  He will not be sleeping through the night (or doing anything remotely close to it) anytime soon, so I don't want to put him in the bedroom upstairs just yet (the master bedroom is on the main floor).  And even if I wanted to, the crib is still being occupied by Big Sister.  I may just give in and buy a second crib, which Abby will hopefully allow us to convert once she is accommodated to sleeping in her own bedroom, rather than the nursery.  But I'll be asking for a fall down the stairs in a moment of utter exhaustion if I have to ascend and descend them multiple times in a night to tend to Michael.

Decisions, decisions.

But here's the sweet part.  Yesterday, I heard Miss Abigail count from one to- wait for it- seven!  My little baby genius.  Also, Michael has just about mastered the art of sitting up.  He's hanging on for a couple of minutes at a time, now.

Verizon is supposed to be fixing our internet tomorrow.  Here's hoping I can get a "real" post out then.  Especially since I have more pictures to share.  :)

P.S. I apologize for any typos or strange words/phrases that may or may not appear above.  I am, after all trying to do this from a phone that often thinks it knows better than I do what I want to say, and no way am I going to drive myself doubly crazy trying to scroll through and edit on this tiny screen.  :P