Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous at Four Months

I remember Abby's fifth month being full of laughter.  She had (and still has) the most amazing, joyful, belly laugh, with which she would burst forth over the smallest things.  I have a little video (the original of which is still trapped in my dead laptop) of her being reduced to near-hysterics over some silly faces I was making at her while playing a video game as she lay in a bouncy chair at my feet.  (Oh, the days when I had the time for that kind of thing..)  Just the greatest sound, ever.

You can really see her budding personality coming through in the "month" pictures that I took.

"Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all day."

Her teething was in full-force by this time, and she developed a fondness for chewing on certain things, one being my chin.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time she went for it, as one of my favorite baby pictures of myself is a shot of me doing the same to my mother.  Plus, it tickles- until those hard little gums really find purchase.

Her brother shares the same preference.  It's amazing to me how much she looks like him in this picture.

It was a busy month for us all: Abby got a vibrating rocker chair from Mima...

and a jumperoo from Mommy and Daddy.

There was some amount of debate over the purchase, as the maximum weight was 25 lbs, and she was already over 20.  We weren't sure how much use she'd get out of it, but she ended up being able to play in it for about as long as it was good for her developmentally, anyway.

She got a new car seat, too.

I feel compelled to add that we knew better about strapping her in with such a heavy outfit on, and I'm not sure why we did it here.  I'm a big believer in minimal layers for car seats, especially since kids overheat so easily in them, and generous use of blankets over-top.  The picture is also out-of-focus, but it's the first one I've got of her in it.

Some notable firsts:

First nap on a hotel bed (we were in NJ for Ali and Joe's wedding).

First time dressing "to the nines" for above-mentioned wedding... which she charmed everyone that she met, napped like a pro in her stroller in the middle of the reception, and even stayed up late for the after-party.

She was specially announced as the "flower baby" during reception introductions, accompanied by Mommy and Daddy, though she did not process up the aisle with us during the Mass.  And you can't see it in the photo (it's covered by the bib), but she was sporting a sash that matched the color of the bridesmaid's dresses. 

This was also the month of her baptism, but more on that next week!