Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mobile Moments, 10/20-10/26

I've hardly had time to consider much beyond the deck construction this week, which progressed swiftly as the days passed. However, I did make an effort to keep up with the pictures, so I'll let them go ahead and speak for me now.

This one got missed a couple of weeks ago, but it was too good for me not to slip in somewhere.
The hardworking contractors in our backyard started off the week laying down planks...
... And taking down hideous barriers. (Yay!)
Abby observed much of it with a watchful eye.
Next came the trimming.
As for us, we were busy pulling out sleepers to stay warm in the cooler evenings. I've decided they are my new favorite thing about Fall.
Not only can Mia climb up on the futon by herself now, she knows what to use it for.
It's a favorite spot for her, snuggled up next to Mama.
Of course, it's a favorite for them all, so sometimes there's no space for Mama left.
Up next on the deck came the beginnings of the rail.
Basic rail completed.
And now for the pickets.
The almost-finished product (still needs beams along the top of the rail and a gate at the top of the stairs).
Our first satisfied customer.
Happy faces all around on our first group outing.
Out-squatting Daddy.
Story time with Mima.

Overheard this week:

Between Tom and Abby

T: "What did the men do today?"
A: "Work."
T: "What did they work on?"
A: "The deck."
T: "What part of the deck?"
A: "The new part."
T: "What did they do to the new part?"
A: "Worked on it."

A: "I want to break this book."
T: "Anyone who breaks a book will not get to pick the bedtime story for a week."
A: "Daddy, this is no time for joking!"


"Woah. Abby made tunnel."


"No way!"