Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mobile Moments, Back Again

I'm dipping in my big toe again. This time, with less trepidation. After surviving a horrific year last year, it seems more and more that this new one has dawned full of promise. Wonderful things are happening around me, and through them I am finding hope again.

Perhaps that hope will be enough to ignite a passion I thought had finally fizzled away.


The first step, for me, has been accepting that what is lost is lost and what is past is past. I must start anew, and decide upon a new beginning point. It will be enough now to say that we stored away lovely Christmas memories that even a lack of blog posts will still allow an imprint of upon our hearts, and have survived a winter full of illness and cabin fever, now poised to come out the other side with joy in our hearts.

Much of that joy began when we decided upon a new direction for our family, and planted ourselves once again in that familiar second home where we spent our last summer: Mima and Granda's house. I now give your our journey since then (with notable quotes going as far back as I have managed to record them).

Working through weaning woes.
Overseeing the ongoing construction of our new sun room.
Rocketwomen in their homemade rocket ship.
Silly group selfie.
Abby-crafted valentines.
Puzzle fun.
Exciting new bed sets (to help us feel more at home).
Peter Pan and the Pirate Princess.
Hot chocolate to warm up chilly fingers after adventures in the snow.
One more (and hopefully last) round of illness in the form of colds and ear infections.
The proud lector of an entire page, assisted by Mommy (we later worked through the whole book together).
Snuggles and snacks.
Cardboard castle-making.

Overheard Since December:


In response to my request that she clarify her recent mumblings: "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to myself!"

Losing her  place while counting out baby carrots: "What's the next 'teen?"

To her uncle Kit, who was serenading her in an attempt to cheer her up: "It's not nice to sing at the dinner table when other people are talking!"

"Daddy, the cookies are about to rot!"

"My last name is pink because I'm a girl who likes pink."

"Y-O-U spells you."

In conversation with Abby

N: "This is a hard puzzle."
A: "I can help you figure it out."

T: "Oh, Abby, when did you get to be such a big girl?"
A: "Well, on the first day, I was a baby."

A: "Why is the snowman melting?"
T: "Because each day, the sun shines down on it, and the sun is very warm."
A: "Well, we need to get the snowman an umbrella."

Me: (Teasing Michael over his latest fit of tyranny) "Are you going to be a dictator, Michael?"
A: "Why is Michael going to be a big tater?

Between Abby and Michael

While working on a puzzle together: "Michael, that's awesome, but [that piece] goes right here."

(M) "Abby, no want train fall down!"

A: "Do you have blue hair?"
M: "No."
A: "Do you have purple hair?"
M: "No! Have brown hair, Abby."

(M) "You got boo-boo, Abby?"

(A) "I made one hundred muffins, so I need one hundred money."


"Mei Mei"

"Mio (Mima)"

"I wanna see that!"

"No, Dad! You no go work anymore!"

"Can't find my red crayon anymore..."

"Woah, that's so many cars, Daddy!"

Quoting Tarzan 2: "Mom! I broke my pillow... again."

"Why?" (Yes, the phase has begun.)



"Dis is fun!"

"I coming!"

"Dis is apple."

"Close the door!"

"Where dis go?"

"Monkey feet."

While wandering around clutching her plush piglet doll: "Oh dear."

"Tickle funny!"

"Stop dat!"