Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mobile Moments, 11/24-12/7

I really meant to get to last Sunday's post despite the activity of the day (of which there was a lot, given that we spent the majority of it driving from northern New Jersey to Long Island and back, and celebrating my youngest nephew's baptism in-between), but by the time I'd gotten the kids tucked safely into bed, had a well-earned seat myself, and gone through the editing of all of the pictures I took at the baptism, plus a few from Thanksgiving and even before that, I found I had sapped what little energy I had left.

I actually did take a stab at beginning the editing process of my cell phone snapshots for the post, but as per usual, Flickr was being difficult with me, and two attempts into being thwarted while trying to save my progress, I threw in the towel on a project seemingly doomed to be left unfinished anyway. Though I have, occasionally, just posted a day late, I instead spent my Monday night post-dinnertime cruising down moonlit highways in our mad- but ultimately successful- attempt to make the Big Trip Home as short and painless as possible (that is, until the inevitable moment that we had to stop in the driveway and get the kids from car seat to bed before collapsing into one ourselves).

However, I do still have pictures to share and an abundance of Abby, Michael, and Mia-isms to record for posterity, so Ill just be putting them all together into a big two-weeker this time around. I think it works out, since I've been pretty lazy about taking pictures since we got back home from our Thanksgiving travels, anyway.

As for those quotes- oh, the quotes! Have I got a bunch of talkers sprouting up around me now. Soon, I won't be able to keep up with even half of what they all say...

Feeling well enough to fill her Daddy's shoes again.
Made it to New Jersey just ahead of the Thankgsiving Eve snowfall.
Recovering from the rough trip up (predictions of snow meant lots of traffic, even post rush-hour).
All ready for the feast (during which she was quite the big girl and very polite company).
Not so itty bitty next to the very ittiest bitty.
Fun with Uncle James and the newest foster kittens.
Gingerbread house!
More than enough kitties to go around.
My pickiest eater enjoying some calamari at his cousin's post-baptism restaurant reception.
Second-cousin sweetness.
A friendly snowman welcomed us back to New Jersey.
Wherever I am, the best view seems always to be from my lap...
... especially when I look past my own two (too-oft pajama-ed) knees.

 Overheard this week in the past two weeks:


Admiring our new church bazaar-acquired angel, placed in its proper position atop the tree during nap time: "Amelia is going to be so amazed!"

Attempting to make herself feel better after succumbing to the effects of a fairly strong onion while helping her father in the kitchen: "I think the refrigerator will help my eyes. (while peering inside) "Probably some cranberry juice would be good, too."

Between Abby and me

(Coming upon her as she is in the process of wetting her hair from a running sink)
M: "Abby, what are you doing?"
A: "Trying to make my hair curly, like yours."

Between Tom and Abby

T: "Are you taking the crust off the quiche?"
A: "No."
T: "Then what were you doing?"
A: "I was just touching it. I was about to take the crust off when you came in."

T: "Sorry, Abby, no coffee until you are a grown-up."
A: "Big kids can drink coffee, too."
T: "Yeah, but those are really big kids, like 14 or 15 years old."
A: "Fourteen or fifteen? I need a lot of birthdays to get that big!"

T: "Should we put a Weeping Angel on top of the Christmas tree?"
A: "Weeping angels are too scary for me to understand."


"I want my red apple. It's so good!"
"No, Dad. Pick me up! I want my own apple."
"Put me down! Don't touch me!"
"Put [it] on your egg."

Between Tom and Michael

T: "Are you going to say hello to me?"
M: "Hello me... Uh, hello Daddy!"

T: "Michael, you have a pretty full diaper. Can we go change it?"
M: "No! I want go potty downstairs!"


"Need hug."
"Owls cute."
"Happy stars."

Between Tom and Mia 

(Admiring the new-fallen snow)
T: "Amelia, look- what's all that stuff outside?"
M: "Stuff."

(Looking around the dinner table)
M: "Mama, Dada, Michael."
T: "Yeah, that's right, Mia! And what is your name?"
M: (In perfect robot monotone) "Name."