Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mobile Moments, 10/27-11/2

Tomorrow morning, when I greet my oldest daughter, I will be greeting a four-year-old. No longer will I have the privilege of being able to boast of my three, two, and one-year-olds. No longer will my Abby be three.

Worst of all, this realization came to me after I had shut the door and said good night. After I lost my last chance to look upon her little face just one last time before the reality must necessarily, officially, set in. Though I did manage to work in a post earlier this week, filled with pictures of the littles enjoying our new deck, perhaps you will forgive me if I write no longer this night, my last night with a three-year-old (until January, anyway, when Michael gives my heart another wrench by turning a year older too).

Beautiful butterfly.
Fence beginnings.
Fence endings.
Hiding out from the electrician during lunchtime (we're still not fans of strangers).
Mama said there'd be days like this...
Finally putting those lawn chairs to proper use.
Halloween play date fun.
A pumpkin for each pumpkin. Abby wanted a bat, Michael a skull, and Mia (according to Abby, anyway, a kitty).
Counting her Halloween winnings.
The most prized trophy of the night: a Kinder Egg.
Hangin' with the coz.
Selfies with Daddy.
Fun at the park on a brisk Fall day.

Overheard this week:


As her Aunt Ali, Uncle Joe, and Cousin Joey were leaving for home after a weekend visit: "But I'm going to miss you!"


"I want some cake."