Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mobile Moments, 6/9-6-15

With summer nearly upon us, it's only gotten harder to keep focused on much of anything at all, but I did manage one post mid-week this time around, at least. There are so many changes emerging around me to marvel over that I can hardly keep them straight; they keep my head spinning in every direction as my children blossom before my eyes, leaving their too-short babyhoods far behind them. I'm nearly as sure that they must have some talent for bending time as I am that Spring never truly ran its full course at all.

She walks with confidence now, no matter the headgear (or lack thereof).

Abby-dragon guards her castle.

Michael had better start keeping better tabs on his beloved fedora.

Davy Crockett, Jr.

Even frontiersmen love to color.

Fun with blocks.

Future gymnast?

Window-gazing on a rainy morning.

From "Abby-tails" to "puppy ears."

Crazy-haired selfies with Mommy.

Father's Day snuggles.

It's finally finished!

Overheard this week:


"My head is so screamy!"

"Mommy, why is your belly big?"

Between Tom and Abby

T: "I'm going to eat Mia's nose."
A: "No! She wants to keep it on her face." 

T: "Do you need a hug?"
A: "Yeah..."
T: "Come here, Daddy will give you a hug."
A: "No, Mommy needs to. Mommy's hugs are better."


"Oh, good. Green, way."


"Pull, sit, rock, fish, train, sock."