Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mobile Moments, 5/26-6/1

I've been quiet this week. What began as just an overnight stop on the way back home to New Jersey has evolved into an extended visit in my parents' new home as we struggle to restore our basement environment. While here, I've hardly thought about the blog, let alone worked on it. As a result, after barely finishing last Sunday's week-in-review, I found myself doubting whether I'd manage this week at all.

It's hard to explain my reluctance. It's partly due to my current level of contentment, being so close to family and having access to the extra support that I spend most of my time wishing that I had. Part of what drives me to write is a need to feel as though I'm doing something "more." For now, what I'm doing actually feels like just enough.

There's a bit of underlying anxiety at play as well, however. I know I'm spreading my attempts at avoidance across many areas of my life, including the blog. It's hard to think about bringing about an end to our temporary stay here in Maryland, amidst the familiar streets, spaces, and people with whom I grew up. It's scary to consider how much work is left to be done on our home, which Tom has been making slow progress on part-time.

But here I am, back again, trying to retain some semblance of the old life and routine to which I must surely return. And I'm glad to have a place to record the happy memories that I've been too consumed in to take much time to write about.

Synchronized sleeping on the Jersey Turnpike.

Welcome to Maryland! Time for a snack.

Ain't nothin' like a good chew on an old shoe.

Who knew that rain + discarded containers = so much fun?

And... she's off!

"All your rocks they are belong to us."

Just cheesin'.

Puzzle pro. After two "practice" runs with Mommy, she finished it all by herself.


Soaking up the sun.

Not sure if he wants to be in or out, or if he even wants his toy. Oh, the misery.

Look who else came out to play today.

Overheard this week:


While impatiently waiting for Michael to finish up his turn with a puzzle app on my Kindle: "Michael, I don't have time for this."


"Mima, shoe,  ur-no (I don't know)"


"Whee (this is her command for when she wants me to push her in something that moves fast), pants, shoe, teeth, more"