Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mobile Moments, 4/28-5/4

We started the week with a well-visit to the doctor and ended it with illness nearly all-around. Go figure. Though I'm unsure whether we picked up the germs at the doctor's or perhaps last Sunday at church, I do know that they were and are a very unwelcome addition to all of the chaos that the heavy rains of earlier in the week brought with them.

I'm not sure much of anything could have made captivity in the upstairs bedroom while the flooded basement got smellier by the day much fun, but it certainly would have been easier on us all without constantly dripping noses and high temperatures. It also would have been nice to have enough energy and strength to get outside for a bit once the weather improved, but it seemed that the more beautiful it got outside, the worse we all ended up feeling inside.

We seemed to be doing better by the afternoon today, so much so that we finally tasted a bit of that promising fresh air. If only our basement prospects could improve as well; jury is still out on whether the rug can indeed be salvaged and in the meantime, the room is unusable.

It's really too bad that just as my littlest little is finding the courage to take her first steps, she's been given very little space to do so. Indeed, we all have very little space to do just about anything. However, hopefully we'll work something out before too long, and there that long-awaited expanse will be- perhaps just enough motivation to get her off and running for good.

Angel at the doctor's office (though I think since his first foray out of the stroller ended in a shot, he became afraid to leave it again for a long while).

Sniffly sweetheart stubbornly shunning sleepies.

I finally ordered this one to lie down after listening to her begin to whimper with each step. Didn't take long for her to conk out as a result.

Feeling better after her fever mostly broke (just as we put Michael down) and enjoying a solo dinner and bedtime reading with Daddy long after her actual bedtime.

This troublesome cold can't keep my ballet princess down for long.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) it takes a bit of Curious George to get through the afternoon.

There came a point when I just could not keep up with the snot (especially when going after it forced snot-inducing meltdowns in a vicious, pointless, cycle).

Michael's and my immune systems seem to be on the same wavelength: slightly less snot, no fever, but lots of chest congestion and general malaise.

She's figured out how to get up on the toddler bed. Now, how to convince her it's a bad idea to dismount headfirst?

Overheard this week:

Between Tom and Abby

A: "I like juice better than milk."
T: " Would you like some juice?"
A: "No, I want some milk."


"Bug, ant, eggs, toast, baby, boots, bear, dove, bird" (Also, for the first time he made an attempt to verbalize his movie pick for the afternoon. I deduced that ffff meant Frozen, to his great delight.)


"Baby, bear, bunny"