Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mobile Moments, 11/18-11/24

Michael turned 22 months on Monday, and celebrated the occasion by coming down with croup overnight. The week has been one long exercise in sleep deprivation since, between Michael's frequent illness-related wakings and Mia's unpredictable hunger-related ones. The bulk of the inflammation in his throat cleared up by the third day, but a lingering wet cough remains, providing an unfortunate soundtrack to our slumber.

Feeling fatigued beyond compare, Tom and I collapsed into bed by 9:00 pm last night, only to endure a crying/coughing session around midnight which required thirty minutes and our combined efforts to cease. Mia, meanwhile, went ahead and slept all the way through the night even though us grown-ups could not.

Potty-training efforts have continued on, come rain or shine, and I'm happy to report no accidents and (mostly) fewer fights at the end of it all. I even managed to juggle potty field trips in amidst the horribleness that was Tuesday morning with a very sick Michael and with no Tom, and bravely brought Abby to her three-year doctor visit in big-girl panties that she kept clean and dry for the trip and beyond.

While I must admit to being a worse parent for the wear as a result of everything, I've done what I can to cope, including exposing my children to far more television than I ever intended to do. Per my darlings' preferences, this has come in the form of Dora the Explorer episodes and Disney movies. Now, spending a few minutes with Abby would leave you in no doubt about where her focus has been, of late.

While I'll be sorry to toss out the last vestiges of Abby's party by trash night tomorrow, I won't be feeling nearly so sentimental about the last several days. They're not of the sort that I'd ever love to experience again, though like every day around here, they did have their moments.

The saddest little boy in the world.

Peeking at Mommy while Mommy peeks at Abby (on the potty).

Abby's first BP reading.

Mia gets creative on her quest to find the perfect teether.

Thank goodness for stroller walks, to soothe the sourpuss sickie.

All that remains of Michael's little pumpkin (thanks to hungry squirrels).

Mia tries to prove that she's ready for a big-girl cup.

Afternoon pre-walk meltdown (my poor, sick baby).

"I'm Mr. Potatohead!"

"There's no way to reach the handle, but maybe if I pull out the hinge?"

Study in Blue

Purple Cloud

"Does someone want to show me how to work this thing?"

"With pleasure."

Overheard this week:


As Mia fussed in her father's arms: "Mia's saying, 'Daaaaad...'"

(Abby has begun to attempt speaking for Michael, as well.) 

After reading about Sister and Brother Bear's (of the Berenstain Bears) favorite books: "You should get them from the library. You should get The Three Little Kittens (Sister's favorite) for me and The Billy Goats Gruff (Brother's favorite) for Michael."


"puzzle, art"


{nom nom}: Nibbled on beef, risotto, and potato- yum!